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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Would you believe...

that I'm really not dead....
or buried under piles of pretty paper...
Although I have been dealing with a creative and motivational block....
the real problem lately....for approximately the last 3 weeks...or more...
has been NO computer at home.

Yes, that's right, the computer crashed. With over 3000 pictures.
Now, that having been said...you really must commend me. Why? you may ask....

Hubby says to wife:
"Watch for anything weird on the computer. I think the video card may be going out. "
Wife says:
"Okay. Don't you think we need to get a flash drive or an external hard drive for the photos? You know...just in case it's not just the video card."
Hubby says:

Dutiful wife purchases 8 GB flash drive specifially for photos.
Nicely asks hubby to copy all photo files.

Several weeks later..... after purchase of said needed video card...
Hubby says to wife:
"Hon, you won't be able to use the computer for a while..."
"Oh, why?"
"It crashed. I can't retrieve anything yet."
"Like what?"
".....ummmm.....well.... I think I lost all our photos."

Now at this point, I really could have said those 4 little words that wreak havoc, spread discontent, and cause numerous divorces....

"I told you so."

But, I refrained, through great effort, I assure you. So, I am happy to report, I am still married.
(Rest assured, the thought DID go through my head, it just didn't pass my lips!)

So, needless to say, once I have a computer again, I will start posting again.


Stampedbyanangel@aol.com said...

I'll look forward to seeing you back! Good luck with the computer problems, I've recently gone through the same thing and have learned...Back Up...:)

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

What a nightmare. Many times I have thought about getting an external drive, but I haven't followed through. Listening to your story is convicing me. I feel your pain and I hope you are up and running again soon.

Thanks sooo much for posting on my blog and leaving me the brilliant tip of using a dryer sheet. I had heard that before and totally forgot about it when working on this project.

StampinCarol said...

Looking forward to all new creations! I have an external hard drive but don't remember to back up photos on a regular basis...
Hope you get back online soon! Hugs!