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Friday, January 30, 2009

February class date changes!!!!

I have some schedule conflicts coming up. Life does tend to get in the way sometimes, what can I say?

Tech Tuesday: Usually first Tuesday of the month will be moved to Thursday, February 5.

Stamp Camp: Usually second Wednesday of the month will be moved to Thursday, Feb. 12.

Thanks for understanding! See you there!

Stacked Boxes in a Box

Hello my friends out in blogger-land! I know, you must think I fell off the planet by now. Sorry about the L O N G haitus... I do have several excuses....
There's been a lot going on in my personal life full of all the details I normally avoid here.
Our hard drive at home took a nose dive.
My mojo has been a no show for quite some time.

Anyway...to make it up to you I have a tutorial ready to go! I will be doing this as a class at the Scrappy Moose in Delta on Saturday.

12” cutter (not shown)
2 - 12” coordinating sheets of Designer Paper (DP)
1 – 12” sheet of coordinating cardstock
4 – 2¼” x 5” medium weight chipboard
1 – 1” x 5“ medium weight chipboard
Tim Holtz Screw Knob
Adhesives: Dot n’ Roller, Mounting Tape, Zip Dry glue, Ruler, Scissors, Pencil, Bone Folder, Spacer (created from 3 pieces of med. weight chipboard)

Cut DP to required sizes.
A: Outside of box: cut selected DP to 6” x 12”
B: Inside of box & lid: From second piece of DP, cut a piece 4⅞ “ x 12” and then from the remainder, cut a 7¼” square.
(You can use the remainder of your DP for cardmaking, photo backgrounds or other crafting projects!)
Cut 12” cardstock into four 6” squares.

1. On the WRONG side of A, start with your 1” x 5” piece of chipboard and glue down to the left side of your paper with a ½” border on the left, top, and bottom. (I used ZipDry because it’s aggressive, will provide adequate coverage, won’t wrinkle, and dries quickly.)
2. Then put your spacer along the edge of your piece of chipboard and glue down a 2¼“ x 5”. Be careful and align the top and bottom with your first piece ½” from the top & bottom.

3. Repeat step 2 three more times. Your project will look like this:

4. Crease edges all the way around. (A Bone Folder is very helpful to get nice creases.)

5. Trim corners with a scissor. Be careful not to trim too closely to the chipboard!! Leave approximately ⅛” from corner of chipboard.)

6. Adhere the edges to the chipboard using the Dot n’ Roller.

7. Crease the ½” edge between the chipboard pieces and then carefully fold each section. Use your bone folder to crease the outside edges.

8. Lay the 4⅞” x 12” piece of DP (B) over your prepared piece and hold it down with a ⅛” border on the left, top, and bottom. Use your bone folder to create a crease between the pieces of chipboard all the way across. On the right side ⅛” from edge, mark your DP where you need to trim. (I cut approximately 1¼” off the end.) Optional: Ink the edges of this paper .

9. Glue down each section one at a time with ZipDry. (I used my bone folder to help smooth the paper and keep the creases in place while I glued.) This completes the box frame.

10. With your ruler and pencil, mark the center of the four 6” pieces of cardstock and the 7¼” square of DP instead of folding to find the center.
Create origami boxes from all the squares. (Box instructions here)

11. Apply mounting tape to one side of the four cardstock boxes. Adhere boxes to the inside of the box frame. The first box center side to side on the last 2¼” panel aligning the bottom along the edge of the inside DP (B). The second box center in the next panel 1¼” from the bottom.
The third box center in the next panel 2½” from the bottom. The
fourth box center in the panel and align the top edge of the box with the top edge of the inside DP (B).

12. Poke or punch a hole in the center of the DP origami box and screw in the knob.
Use your box to hold jewelry or give as a gift filled with candy!