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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you "Buyer AWARE" with Angel Policies?

With the demise of The Angel Company, hereafter referred to as TAC, are most of you aware of other stamp companies "Angel Policies?" A former fellow angel posted a soapbox commentary on this subject today and I think now is as good a time as any to join her on that box.

There are 2 big reasons I signed with TAC and stayed with them from the beginning to the bitter end. 1) TAC was an Angel company meaning, as long as you created with hand stamped images, you were free to do as you wished with that creation. 2) The minimum sale requirements were reasonably attainable.

With their "angel policy" TAC created a stir in the industry, especially being a home demo company! At that time the other 2 big home demo companies that I knew about had high sales minimums, AND their stamps could only be used "for personal use." TAC changed that. Not completely, but it did prompt those other companies to modify their policies!

Be careful when you purchase stamps with the intent to create items which may later be sold or even donated. Are you aware of each and every "angel policy" of each and every company you have purchased from? Are you aware that some companies require a copyright stamp to be used on the back of creations you intend to sell or even donate to your local bazaar!?! Are you aware some companies DO NOT allow you to use their images in conjunction with any other company's images? Are you aware of image limitations? Are you also aware of copyright infringement laws and the stiff fines and penalties for getting caught?

So, you see where I am going with this, right? I really do not have the time or energy to keep up with "angel policies" that have specific requirements. This is something you also need to be aware of in the new digital design world out there also. Yes, they also have policies regarding their copyrights!

Which brings me to another point... Have you tried to locate the "angel policy" of stamp companies while on thier website? Some of them make it easy for you, right there at the top of the web page.... just click on "angel policy." Others you have to really search for... In fact, one big company out there had it under Legal (which, by the way, was in tiny print at the very bottom of their home page) then you needed to find Policies, then further still, Angel Policy. Usually an indication it's a convoluted policy if you really have to look for it.

In this "buyer beware" world we seem to live in, I hope this dissertation has made some of you a bit more "buyer AWARE." Personally, I do not purchase from companies if they are not "Angel companies" nor do I purchase from companies with long drawn out policies that generally require copyright stamps and the like. WAY too much to keep track of when you purchase from multiple companies and use those designs together in one creation. Can you imagine if I used 3 stamps of 3 different companies that all required a copyright stamp on the back of the creation? BLEH!

With many TAC Angels (former demonstrators) with the dilema of "what's next?"... this is definitely somthing to keep in mind.