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Friday, October 10, 2008

Pretty paper...

I am a sucker for pretty paper. I had to share this card because of the cardstock. I bought this at an office supply store in Price, UT and then, of course, hoarded it for years. It was just TOO pretty to use. (Trust me, the photo does not do it any justice.) I have not seen this paper anywhere since I bought it, which might be why it took me so long to use it.
The JOY stamp is a retired TAC stamped on red & embossed with gold. I used a black marker & colored in the Holy Family and used my glue pen and AIG silver to fill in the star.
My biggest problem was how to show off the paper. This card is still NOT one of my favorites, I admit. It's definitely a quick card...but just not really one I find attractive.
So, I'm looking for tips...tell me what you would do with paper like this? How would you feature it in a card or page to show it at it's best without covering it up too much? Any sketches that are your favorite for this sort of thing?
(I'm definitely looking for inspiration here... My "mojo" has been a NO SHOW for about 2 months and I need some rejuvination QUICK!!)


JavaMel said...

I love this paper. I'm not much for stamping backgrounds so I love when there's a nice background paper that can be used instead.

Barb said...

Wow! That IS pretty paper. I like the simplicity of this layout... it shows off the paper AND still focuses on the main image. When I want to show more of the background, I tend to group images in the lower right hand corner. This draws the eye from upper left to lower right and really shows off background paper nicely. HTH!

Angela K said...

Great card, simple and beautiful! I am also a paper hoarder, shhhh!

Laurie Unger said...

Wow - I can see why you hoarded that paper - just gorgeous!