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Monday, May 5, 2008

Unsubmitted "Catalog Creation" Card

Here is a card I made out of scraps with the intention of submitting it to TAC. For the catalog call, we were required to follow some card sketches, so, this followed the sketch pretty darn closely. Pretty simple, huh? I like the tag! I didn't want to alter it too much because I like the flower in the corner & wanted it to stand out. I used the dye strip flowers from the bottom of the paper as an emellishment here. The ribbon and the large eyelet added just the right touch to finish it off! The idea came from one of Heather's card sketches from Feb. (If you haven't visited her site...it's a MUST!!)

Supplies: Cha Cha paper, Cha Cha cardstock, L'amare Red Palette pad, Noir Palette pad, Cha Cha hardware, Cha Cha ribbon.

On a personal note: Just when I think I'm finally getting back in groove with life... something else hits me. I have to admit, with Mother's Day looming in the near future, it has put me off balance. It will be my first without my mom. I just didn't think stuff like that would affect me so much. Due to her Alzheimer's, I've always felt like I lost my mom years ago, but maybe it's harder because now it's really final. My DH tells me that I still need to celebrate since I am a mom. It fells different for me though. It's like the "passing of the torch" has happened and I'm not ready to take up the mantle of family matriarch. Well...thanks for listening to my ramble...

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Heather said...

love your card Barb!
Big hugs for you to find a little Joy this Mother's Day - that is what your Mom would want for you!