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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Total Case...well, almost!

On Mondays Heather puts up a sketch to use for cards or scrap pages. You can take her challenge and then post a link in her comments too! So... that's what I'm doing today.

'Course, with my life I never seem able to get a sketch done in the same week she posts. I guess I have too many kids and a hubby that like to rearrange my "to do" list on a regular basis. (Yes, I'm still trying to get that fixed! It seems to be a continual "work in progress!")

This is sketch #20 from April. (Well, that's encouraging! I'm only a month behind now!)

So, I loved Heather's sketch SO much, I just wanted to copy it outright....but here's what happened...

Oops! I don't have the Rose Garden set yet. Hmm...well, the flowers in Treasure It are pretty close. I'll use that one.

Oh, look! I have some lovely green Bazzil cardstock, already cut in pieces. Dang!..not quite wide enough! Well, waste not...I'll make it work!

Ribbon...no wide pink ribbon. Now what? Oooo! Look at that pretty lavender ribbon from the Dollar store I haven't even used yet! Surely I have some cardstock to match! Yup! Bazzil Blue-Violets blend very nicely, AND now I don't have to figure out a coordinating color for the sentiment. Whew!
Now to stamp! Landscape and French Lilac look like they blend perfect! Second generation for the lighter colors I think, that will keep it coordinated nicely.
It looks like Heather scored around her flower...hard to see in the photo, but it's there. My flower is larger, not quite enough room for that...well, I'll pierce the offset corners instead. That will still add some interest. Ready to glue the elements!
Don't like the way THAT looks. Oh yeah, that's right, my green is shorter than Heather's....What can I do? (Can you hear the paper shuffling in the background?)
That's better! I'll just move the sentiment to the top of the flower and line up the green on green and the purple on purple better. Much nicer!
There you have it! A total case...okay...well, almost. Different color, slightly different sized pieces, but you get it, right? That's pretty darned close, eh?


Percy said...

Barb, I love this layout, I need to try it!

I am tagging you!


Emma said...

Barb I read this and am now sat here laughing as you craft like I do!! Well this card worked...its beautiful and I love the idea of using little pierced holes to add texture and design,x