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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How do you do it?

So, where do I get all those creative ideas? Same way everyone else does....I copy, case, stamplift, change elements, maybe make an idea better or just more personalized. You get the idea...

Anyway, today I thought I'd share my thought process on the last couple cards I created. I warn you, my mind is a scary place!

Remember the ship card yesterday? I had some extra paper cut and was getting bored with the ship, so I decided to switch out stamps.
Gotta love those cows from An 'Udder Birthday. They always make me smile!
Well, it looked goofy with the cow on the bottom so up to the top of the card he went.
That looks a little plain still. Hey! Let's add some sunshine! That works.
The yellow ribbon was way too subdue....switch to green! That cow just doesn't look like the scalloped circle type...Hmmm....Oooo! Look! A lovely scrap of glossy green! Darn, now the saying pops too much. Well...maybe if I layer it under the ribbon? Yea! That works! Kind of bulky though....I'll just slice that little piece off. Much better! Voila! Card complete!
So, if you compare yesterday's card and the cow card you can see I started with the same layout (or card sketch.) I even used the same papers and just switched out stamps! When the elements don't seem to work....just switch them around a bit... Top to bottom, bottom to top... you get the idea now, eh?
Now check out this card!! I took a page from Heather's book, so to speak, and was inspired by my scraps! (For those of you who don't already know...Heather is the QUEEN of creative and definitely a "trash to treasure" expert, not to mention one of my inspiration heros!)
How do you like that scalloped edge? Those are the pieces I cut off the tags from the cow card!! Yup, that's right! You just never know when a scrap will make a whole new idea. That lovely green accent piece behind the main image? Guess what that came from?....yes, the same scrap I used to punch the circles for the cow card. Now that piece is all used up!
I could have just used another cow stamp, but somehow the green on this just said ...frog! And check out that fabulous ribbon! One of my closeout bargains from Wally world! Too perfect, huh? So, this card took all of 10 whole minutes to make, if even that long!
Tomorrow I'll show you a TOTAL case....


Barb said...

These are great, Barb! I love the scallop-edge with scraps... very tricksy of you. Great coloring on the cow card, too!

Barb F (AH1)

Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

That is such a CUTE cow - and I'm not that into cute...but I've seen it a few times now, and I guess it's going on my next order.