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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Felt fun!

Well...I know I promised pics of last Tuesday's techniques, but since life has a way of interevening on my creative time (damn) I didn't get stuff done like I would have liked. (Hopefully you'll only have to wait one more day.) I don't suppose anyone else has the problem of making a "to do" list and then having it completely obliterated by DH and his list. Hmm... weren't "Honey do" lists created by women for MEN to do?? Seems to be backwards in my household....I'll have to fix that!!
Some of you will recognize photo #1 from Mischelle's TAC Savvy Projects blog. (I try not to be distracted by all the colorful words she adds for emphasis which I always think are links!)
After she posted her flip-flop book, I went on the hunt to see if I could find them. Obviously, I did!! (Thanks, Hobby Lobby) BUT, check out what else I found!! The pink felt "M" was a package of 2 "felt ornaments." TOO cute for words, huh? And, only a dollar! So, I got a set for each one of my daughters! The Pop Rockz collection is definitely goint to be put to work with these! Now I just need to get the books done, huh? I also picked up a set of 4 flower coasters. I am challenging myself, and a buddy, to create something with 2 of the coasters. Now, of course they will make a nice cover and back for a fabulous mini book. I'm racking by brain to see if I can create something else though.... Stay tuned! I'll post & show y'all what I come up with later! Oooo! A thought just came to me!!!!!


StampinCarol said...

Just too cute! How I miss Hobby Lobby. The nearest one is over 150 miles north! And Michaels just doesn't seem to have this neat stuff and it's hard getting there (35 miles). Some day! Great ideas, Barb. Just love your work!

Joani said...

I love love love these! The flip flop is adorable, something my DD would love!