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Friday, May 9, 2008

Reverse Pastels & Wax Paper Resist

I'm getting smarter about taking the photos and downloading. It's a learning curve I suppose. Hopefully someday I'll be at the better end of it! I took these outside in direct daylight on our picnic table! Much better than trying to snap photos in the cave where, let's face it, there is very limited daylight at best!!
Anyway, as promised, the cards we created at last Tuesday's Tech class. The tiger is done with Reverse pastels. Pretty cool, huh? The background pieces are a silver metallic and some really cool texture paper! Love the look, hate how it is so difficult to adhere!! The YES glue seemed to work okay I suppose. I was trying to use Red & Black & come up with a sketch I liked since Paonia graduation will be coming up soon and DD will need cards for friends. Still working on it...
Supplies: Tiger Face, Versamark pad, Noir palette pad, White cardstock, Red Textured Cardstock, Silver metallic cardstock, black organza ribbon

The background on this card is done with Wax paper resist. Nice look, huh? You can tell its on glossy paper from the reflection. I had another stamp in mind for this card, but after I worked so hard on the background I wanted more to show and switched to the bluejay. (It was really a lot of work, huh, Nancy & Christy!! *wink**wink*) It's okay, but I still would have liked more background to show. Love the swirly clip though! Looks nice with the ribbon!
Supplies: All Things of Nature, Blue cardstock, Glossy cardstock, White cardstock, Chalks, Noir palette pad, Starry Night palette pad, Blue breeze K-pad, spiral clip, blue organza ribbon

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Very cool techniques!!