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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oops! It was yesterday....

Well, silly me! I should have posted this yesterday, huh? Anyway...this is the CD chip pin we made at the Stamp Camp last Wednesday.

To cut your CD up, I hold it with pliers under hot running water. (You could probably put a pot on the stove & do it that way too in order to conserve water.) The heat makes it easier to cut, especially if you use decorative scissors. Using a heat gun is a bit too hot & will warp your CD....unless you want that effect, of course! A blow dryer might work well though.

To color the CD, we used PH Martin's calligraphy inks, green & gold. You could use acrylic paint too. When your ink is dry, stamp your image or sayings or both. (The stamps here are TAC but have been discontinued.) Then cover with embossing ink or Versamark and add UTEE & heat set. Do another layer of UTEE but this time ink up a stamp & have it ready to stamp as soon as the UTEE melts and stamp in the melted UTEE. You can see the larger shamrock at the bottom of the pin. (Not placed very well, I admit, but still visible.) When the UTEE cools a bit then pull your stamp back off. This will leave a slight impression of the stamp on your pin. If you would like to add charms, drill a small hole & add your jump ring and charm. The pin back needs to be added with E-6000 so it adheres well.

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