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Monday, March 17, 2008

Stamp Camp Pull -up cards

So, I have to tell you what happened. Right after I finished downloading my pics from our Stamp Camp & the last TAC-nique Tuesday my camera died. I don't mean it needs new batteries. I mean it is dead. It is now permanently stuck in the halfway open position and making horrible noises. Aaarrrrrgghhhh!!!!! I can't live without my camera!!!! Lucky for me I got the photos downloaded & cleared the memory BEFORE it died, huh? What a blessing!!

At our stamp camp we did 4 projects. Two of them were pull up cards. I figured since they are closely related it would be fun to try them both. Well, I admit we had a lot of trial and error on the double pull up card, but eventually it all came together! For this project we used Mulberry Meadow cardstock, Versamagic pads (the colors from the Jewel box & Flower pot Dew Drop sets complimented the cardstock very nicely) and Write it although we did have some subsitutions with the Ordinary Greetings set. There was some debate as to what should be stamped first, flowers or stems & leaves, but as we all know....there are NO mistakes in stamping, only creative opportunities. Either that or just flip it over & it's a do-over!!
I created a pattern to cut the slits on the inside since I didn't own the punch used in the directions. You know, I will say, although the job can be accomplished, the right tool sure would have made this card a snap instead of work!!
You'll also notice at the top of the pull-out, I stamped a bit too close to the edge and my words show through the pull out section. Ooops!! Well, next card I'll fix those little errors...either stamping to the side a bit more or lower. I think I would also punch an opening with the Instant Setter & the slot punching set, slip my ribbon through and then staple. I also found that the front pull up section needed to be cut down from the instructions. So, word to the wise, when making a specialty card, kind of "test run" before adding permanent adhesive!!

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