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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Back...

Did you miss me? I think my family did, but not because they missed ME but because they need a maid!! Oh well! I'm busy this week with a large FUNshop coming up on Saturday so they will just have to consider the cleaning help on STRIKE!!

So, I promised LOTS of posts with cool cool stuff and I will not let you down! Here is the big news!! I won the "Best in Show" item!!! YEA!! Here is the photo since I gave it away...I'll make another that will match my own decor since this one actually looked more like our home in Helper, UT.

Anyway, the background & tag are from the new Amberley Grace paper collection and the ribbon rose is made from the matching sheer ribbon in the collection. I did have to use some of my own green for the leaves. The saying in the upper right corner was embossed in gold over the modge podge used to adhere & seal the paper for the clock face. I won a box for my Crop-0-dile. How cool is that? For me it was justification that my work is not unworthy. Well, I will have more for tomorrow!! I'll start with all my stuff....contest entries, trades, & prop swap stuff and then move on to the projects so...stay tuned!

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stampez said...

Your clock was OZ-some Barb! I had so much fun I hope you get to come back next time!