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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DC fold out book

Many, many moons ago.... (okay, it's only been three years) our family took a trip to Washington
D.C. And now, finally, after all my good intentions to get these done the fall we came home, I'm finally going to finish these fold-out memory books for the kids.
This is my big plan for Saturday which I will be spending at the Scrappy Moose Retreat in Delta. It's their 1st Anniversary and the grand opening of their scrapping retreat!
Okay, enough about me...

Here are the details of the project...which is the real reason you peruse this blog, isn't it?
I used three 10" chipboard squares and seven "coordinating" pieces of 12" decorative paper.

The chipboard was cut as follows:
One left intact, as the back and base of the book.
The center pieces are cut in half to two 5x10 rectangles.
The top, or front cover is cut into one 7x10 and one 3x10 piece.
I'd provide the dimensions of the paper, but honestly, I didn't really keep track, exactly... but, I'll do my best here...
A: 8x11 for the large half of the front cover
B: 6.875 x 9.875 and 2.875 x 9.875 to cover the inside flaps of the front cover pieces on both sides
C: 6x11 for one of the inside flaps and 4x10 for the other side of the front cover flap.
D: two pieces 4.875 x 9.875 to cover the inside flaps.
E: One piece 6 x 11 for the other inside flap & to cover the chipboard letters on the front cover.
F: 9.875 x9.875 to cover the inside of the back cover
G: 11" square for the back cover.

The large pieces were wrapped around the chipboard (miter your corners) and the smaller pieces adhered the the "inside."

Sorry if that's not too clear.
I used eyelets and twine to create the bindings and tags leftover from paper packs that seemed to coordinate with my paper colors for my journaling.
I'm hoping to get all four of these done this weekend.
Please leave me a comment (which I love to read) if you need clarification on any of the instructions.
Have a great day and I wish you better success with your good intentions than I seem to experiece with mine, at least, more often than I'd care to admit!

...Oh! For you interested parties, and because you asked for it...
I'll get the directions for the witch hat posted soon! .... Stay tuned!


StampinCarol said...

This is really cool! How clever to use twine as the binding! I love it!

Sonia said...

Love it!... Great Job!!!


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Just beautiful, Barb!

Junieb said...

O, wow! I LOVE this!

Junieb said...

O, I just LOVE this!