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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Close to my heart...

No, not the stamp company. The subject of Alzheimer's. As most of you know, my mother battled Alzheimer's for several years before her death last April. Our family was truly blessed in the way in which we had to deal with this terrible disease. I know, it's difficult to imagine being blessed by such a catastophe. By blessed I mean that my mother never became violent, she never wandered, she just became very introverted. When the disease finally pushed her to the point of being bed-ridden, she died within the week. She was able to be at home during the duration of this horrific illness and my dad was able to be her primary caregiver.

Since my mom was diagnosed, almost everyone I have talked with since knows someone who is affected by this disease. It touches far too many lives.

Right now I know someone who is caring for her Mom with Alzheimer's. It is a never ending and often thankless task. It's difficult and heart wrenching. This card will be going to her.
I hope it reminds her, that God is always with her. She is fortunate enough, like me, to be living in the mountains where we see the hand of God every day.
The inspiration for this highly personal post is here: Cammie's Blog. Although she is giving away the most awesome blog candy I have ever seen, I was personally inspired by her commitment to DO something in the fight against Alzheimer's.

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