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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still the one...

Have you ever made a card and just LOVED it? This is still one of my favorites. Yes, I know the set is retired but just goes to show that just because a set is "retired" doesn't make it any less useful. In fact, this is still a fabulous set! (Don't you wish you got one before they were no longer available?)
That is the nice thing about having a stamp...it's usefullness and creative uses are endless. Okay, I admit, some may begin to look "dated" but then again some are timeless (like this one.)
This particular card was not one of my hubby's favorites. He thought the seagulls should have been with the lighthouse. (Shows what he knows, huh?) If you look closely, you can see the *ding* at the top of the lighthouse, which is why he got this card in the first place! Lucky guy!!


Lisadwb said...

I think this one will always be my favorite TAC stamp set!! Lovely card.

Barb said...

That IS a great set... and LOVE the card, Barb!! I reach for my retired stamps time and again... why buy them and not use them, right?!