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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lifesaver Lighthouse

I have to admit, this sketch was not one of my favorites when I first saw it...but I needed a challenge and I like the way this card turned out. Now, DH says I should have just used yellow as the light for the entire card, but I kind of like the blue. Afterall, doesn't light fade out to darkness eventually anyway?
The phrase, "you're a lifesaver" I was able to curve a bit on the block to get it to fit nicely around the circle. (Ah, yes! One of the great benefits to using UNmounted rubber stamps!)
I used a piece of leftover pop dots to go behind the lifesaver so I was able to cut out the center. (I always use up every piece of that foam! No need to pitch it just cause the dots are used!!) The paper floss may have been a bit too much...


Barb said...

Nope, not too much... the floss is a great addition! Great technique with the yellow & blue... love it!

Percy said...

I love the color combo you used! Great card.