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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Do you ever get an idea in your head and just have a compulsion to complete something?
Well, I'm in one of those situations now...
I have some preprinted cards from DCWV and see it going with a particular stamp, that I DO NOT own and I'm not really sure I want to own it, especially not to make only 6 cards!
So, I'm sending this request out into the universe and hope some lovely angel will help me out.

I'm looking for the cowboy from T-2633 Wild West set on page 59 of the Spring/Summer 08 TAC catalog (current). If a willing person would stamp him off 6 times and pop them in an envy, I would LOVE it! let me know if you'd like something in trade. Thanks ever so much!


Angela K said...

Barb, I have that set, do you want black ink on white paper, or brown ink on ivory paper? Let me know and I will get them to you! I know the dilema!!

Lisadwb said...

I was just popping in to offer some. I want to see what you are doing with him.