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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Treats!

I've been busy working on treats for teachers and co-workers.
(Sorry about the photo here.... I was having camera issues.) I love these Aladdin mugs! They are so much fun to decorate and personalize! These went to Carl's co-horts at West Elk along with a few goodies packed in around those mugs. My only problem was I couldn't close the bags!

The mugs here went to most of my co-workers. The candy bar was a special gift to my Jewish co-worker.

Normally, I am NOT a big fan of Martha Stewart. However, she certainly knows how to employ an excellent creative staff. The treat bags she put out this year were actually very helpful to me in putting together these little goodies with a few decorating details of my own. Those darling silver bells had a very sweet tone and I got nine (yes, count them 9) all for a buck!

These cute little goodies were another great find and easy to decorate and of course, fill with yummy biscotti. (According to Mr. Jensen, I make the best biscotti, apparently, even better than what he could get in Italy.) Dominic took the pillow boxes for his classmates with a couple Kit-Kats tucked inside. That sums up my treat making extravaganza for Christmas 2010.
Enjoy your Holidays and I wish all of you all the best for 2011!


Helen Dooley said...

These are awesome. Dont forget to put them at For Fun this week. BIG HUGS and Merry Christmas!

StampinCarol said...

Wow! You've been busy! These are great!