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Monday, November 15, 2010

WhaCha!! The NEW CRAFT Room! ...and a sneak


Here is the entrance to my new Craft Cave!!
When we moved in last April, this room sort of became a collection point while we unpacked kids rooms and decided what to do with 2 whole households worth of stuff. (No, I'm still not done unpacking, just in case you wondered.)

Over in that corner on the left I have a microwave and a coffee pot, of course. I will be getting a little fridge for the corner. Eventually
DH has offered to turn this corner into a butler pantry of sorts which will include a little sink. (Awesome!!! But I imagine that one is a few years away.)
Anyway, I still have my bookshelves, full of craft books and supplies. My DH put up some shelves for me for additional storage. Good thing too! I just never seem to have enough space to put stuff.

Here's a view of the rest of the room as you enter the cave! Don't you just LOVE those Ikea 9 drawer units! and Look!! Plenty of room for crafter's to join in the fun. I have two tables set up all the time, but still have room to add one more when needed.

Around the corner from those filing cabinet is the die-cutting area. How FABULOUS does that sound? A whole area just for die cutting??

Can you see Simba's ears poking out of the basket? That cat thought he would sit in some of the card baskets I have prepared for the Stamp-a-Stack this weekend. I had to compromise and give him his own temporary basket.

Those of you who attend will get to make the kitty Christmas card inspired by Simba.

My punches are built on the corner and wall around from the "die-cutting area". I've posted pics of this before, but still, doesn't it look SPECTACULAR?

Now, my little sewing table with the serger is a bit in the way, but, until Rachel graduates and moves out, it will have to stay there.
My sewing stuff and Nordic track that you could see in the first photo will be moving into Ra's room when she moves out. (Don't tell her, okay?)

Ahhhh! My desk! Everything right there and handy at my fingertips, or at least relatively close anyway. I have room for a buddy at my desk too! All the current TAC stamps are in the CD cases on the right side there.

Those shelve behind my desk have all the rest of my stamps. Yes, I do have too many! I guess that's what happens in 14 years of stamping.
They make nice display shelves too, and of course, MORE convenienty storage.

WAIT! What's this? Cards for the Stamp-a-Stack? Lookey!!! OOooooo!!!
Don't forget to call me!!


StampinCarol said...

OMG! You are SO blessed with this room! How wonderfully functional!

Jewels said...

Wow! Your room is amazing! Uh-oh. Somebody may have to change the name of her blog. Ha ha! Seriously, it looks so great!

Julie Robinson said...

wowza - JEALOUS!

Angela K said...

Wow!! What a beautiful crafting space!!!