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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple & Easy gifts...

...are not just for Christmas. But that does seem to be the time when we all post that kind of stuff.

Here are a couple of items that never seem to get old for quick cute gifts. Just change out the paper and stamps and.... presto, bango! Ready for a different Holiday or Special Occasion!

These are, I admit, the Christmas versions, so.... use your own creativity and see what YOU can come up with!!


Jewels said...

Barb, The holidays came and went so fast that I still had some folks that I wanted to make gifts for! I'm thinking I'll do happy winter gifts with snowmen or Valentine's Day gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

StampinCarol said...

These are great ideas! I haven't done candles in ages!

Angela K said...

Great ideas Barb, I love to make candles!!

Barb said...

Fab projects, Barb! It's been forever since I've worked with candles... thanks for the inspiration :)