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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Using "stash" items

Have you ever bought something to use later...and then it just sits there for what seems like AGES? Okay, I admit I am a "hoarder." I am doing better at using up items in my stash, however, and not saving them for that special project that never seems to happen.

I bought some tags in a set at Target a while back, probably years ago... Anyway, they were a red tag item so Mega-cheap which of course means you HAVE to buy them. If you know me, you know I like saving a buck! So, I finally dug these little tags out of the drawer to use them.

Here is the final product. I have to admit, red is my favorite color and our new Miss Moxie paper is my FAV!! So, I decided to work with the orange accent color. I really like the result, so much I think I will use this as one of my swap cards. (HA! I won't say for which swap(s?)) This cards uses 2 sets: Ordinary Greetings & Happy Celebration.

Anyway, the Target pack came with multiple colors, so of course, more cards!! Here is an example of how you can take one idea and give it a totally different look by mixing up papers & colors. I used up the Target tags and then made a tag of my own using my circle punch, some miniscallop scissors, and an eyelet. Easy breezy!!

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