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I have discovered that life is a roller coaster and I'm learning to enjoy the ride! I am a married mom of 4. I work part-time outside of the home and, of course, more that full time as a wife and mother! I do classes from my craft room in the basement...which is why we call it the "Craft Cave."

Friday, May 13, 2016


Jeeping has replaced crafting.  Or so it would seem.  Although I have tried being a demo for another stamp company after the demise of TAC, it seems I just am unable to get back the full mojo.  My desire to be a hobbyist continues, but now working a full-time job, my creative time has been curtailed.  Well, that and the fact that we bought a jeep.  Yep!  So, where I would normally have been able to squeeze in some crafty time, I'm sucked into the art of getting dirty and going broke while slowly heading nowhere and taking all day to do it.  This site will remain up.  Perhaps someday I'll get back to the crafty side of life.  For now, expect to see lots of jeeping photos and trip reports here.

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