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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Punch Storage in the New Cave

I'm afraid I can't do pictures of the whole studio just yet. I'm still getting settled, picking up, organizing...
But, since I promised a photo or two of the new punch storage my DH made for me and that little corner of the room is pretty well done...

Believe it or not, we used grounding rods and eye screws. The wall is about 6 feet long and then it bends around the corner another 18" or so.

It's all very functional and sturdy. I only have one problem...

there's not a lot of room for growth!
'Course, after 14 or so years of stamping, I'm hoping I won't need too many more supplies. Is anyone else as much of a hoarder as I am?

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Myrna Marcano said...

Wonderful craft room!